Let's Talk Silk

Silk is an investment. It’s a fabric that should be bought with a long term relationship in mind. Picking timeless styles and avoiding quick trends will help keep your investment pieces relevant beyond a season. And how you store, wear and wash your silk will also help the longevity of your silk’s life.

Like our label says, when it comes to washing your silk, leaving it to the experts at the dry cleaners is the absolute best way to extend the life of your silk and keep its subtle lustre and delicate hand feel (especially if we’re talking stains). Most wrinkles in silk can simply be steamed out, only iron (backside or inside out) if necessary, at medium-low temperatures.

The best solution for your silk is to store it by hanging it in a cool dry place. Silk creases so it’s best not to fold or leave it bunched up for long. If you’re storing your silk for a long period of time then make sure it’s clean and stored in a breathable fabric bag (avoid plastic ones because they lock in moisture). If ordering any silk garment from Jae Lenee, we will provide you with a garment bag! Another tip for long term storing is to store your silk away from the sun to avoid fading the color and weakening the fibre.


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