What is Slow Fashion? Does Jae Lenee Fall into That Category?

When introducing my brand, I like to mention that Jae Lenee is a slow fashion brand. As well as an ethically made sustainably made brand, but some might ask...what is slow fashion anyway? Well, slow fashion is a movement that’s fostering change to fashion products and the fashion industry towards greater ecological integrity and social justice by addressing the whole system of fashion whether it be social, cultural, ecological, and/or financial systems. Jae Lenee does its best to contribute to slow fashion efforts in a few different ways. Here are a few:

  • Made “On-Demand”

Garments only go into production after an order has been placed. This eliminates any further textile waste on our part.

  • Domestically Manufactured

All garments are made in New York City. Although domestic manufacturing costs more than overseas manufacturing, when working with domestic manufacturers, we are able to ensure a clean, safe and ethical factory environment.

  • Ethically Made

We make sure our seamstresses are paid living wages. Often, we find that overseas factory workers are paid pennies. Literally! That is unfair and we can not support those factories.

  • Natural Fibers Only

We have eliminated use of any and all synthetic fibers. Often, you’ll find that we use silk, cotton, linen and many natural fabrics alike. We will never use polyester, nylon, acetate or anything similar. Synthetic fibers are not sustainable, biodegradable or breathable on your skin! In other words, more sweat. Yuck!

I love sharing more about the brand! I am always open to questions, new information, as well as suggestions as to how Jae Lenee can be a better brand overall. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime!


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